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Carbide burs
The following pictures illustrate the most popular shapes of  carbide burs on 1/4" shanks.  These burs come in both standard and double cut for the same low price.  Click on the desired shape for online shopping as well as a complete list of dimensions for these burs.
Dental Carbide Burs   New
SA    Cylindrical
SB    Cylindrical - End Cut
SC    Cylindrical - Radius End
SD        Ball
SE        Oval
SF        Tree Radius
SG        Tree Pointed
SH        Flame
SJ        Cone 60°
SK        Cone 90°
SL        Taper Radius
SM        Cone Pointed
SN        Inverted Taper
Aluminum Cut Carbide Burs:
SA - AL          Cylindrical Shape
SC - AL          Cylindrical Shape
SD - AL          Ball Shape
SE - AL          Ovall Shape
SF - AL          Round Nose Tree
SL - AL          Tapered Radius
Carbide burs Set
Carbide burs packing
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